Day 3: 44-Day Challenge

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yesterday was another good day!

I am really hoping that sticking to this for 44 days will create a HABIT!!

I worked out for the first time using the Wii My Fitness Coach, and I already hate my virtual personal trainer - but I'm sore this morning, so it must have worked!

I've taken lots of pictures of the 'game' and I hope to post a full review sometime this week.

On to the checklist:

Fruits? Yep!
Veggies? Yep!
Water? Yep!
ME? 2 blogs, I got a massage, and I worked out which made me feel good about myself AND made me hurt. But I guess that's good.

Today is my first day of the challenge at WORK. So far, so good. Hunkahubby packed me food to bring with me. (Isn't he wonderful?)

Keep going!! We can do it!!!


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