Reviewing the Bender Ball!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today I am reviewing the Bender Ball!
I'd seen an advertisement for the Bender Ball several times, and thought it might be something that would work out well for Hunkahubby and I. Their informercial and website claims: "The Bender Ball gives you a workout that's up to 408% more effective than ordinary crunches."
Because of some issues I've heard and read about regarding ordering items off of informercials (which I'll explain in more detail below) - I went searching for my Bender Ball on eBay.
It came with the ball (flat), a plastic straw-like tube and a plug, and an instructional DVD. Hunkahubby inflated the ball for me. (He's good like that . . . .)
Hunkahubby and I had both discussed that we should just buy a kid's kick ball from Wal-mart and use that. But I'm glad that we didn't. The Bender Ball just "feels" different.
Here's the inflated Bender Ball:

Hunkahubby also did the good hubby thing and watched parts of the instructional video so he could be my (and yours, if you're reading this) personal instructor on using the bender ball.

The first time I used it, I was a little wary - because it almost feels like you're laying on a balloon that could pop at any minute. So far - that hasn't happened! :-)

Here our gorgeous instructor shows us where to place the ball if we're going to do crunches.

The main perk of the Bender Ball is how it lets you extend back more than you would with a regular crunch.


And back!

You can also work your sides, by performing a scooping motion with your arms on each side.

When I did this it made feel like a really graceful ballerina, and then I felt silly after thinking that. No one wants to see ME in a tutu. (My family always said we'd have to wear four-fours.)

This next thing is my FAVORITE exercise. You put the bender ball under your booty.

And you raise your legs in the air, like this:

Ummm . . . what was I talking about? Oh yes, the exercise.
Sorry, I got distracted for a minute for some reason.

Then you slowly raise one leg at a time. This really works my thighs - but it doesn't feel strenuous. In fact, it makes me feel relaxed.

Personally, both HunkaHubby and I are fans of the Bender Ball. There are more exercises that we have yet to explore - and we will hopefully update you on more as we learn them.

Again, this is a small exercise item that you could pretty much take with you anywhere.

Now for a word of caution: I have read on several website, and heard personal accounts of people who ordered the Bender Ball off of TV or through their website. Many "As Seen On TV" items have a "catch." They aren't just trying to get you to buy one item, but an entire line of things. And if you don't realize what you're getting into - items you didn't order will get charged to your card and start showing up at your house. And it is really hard to get these things returned and get your money back.

So my advice is to research ANYTHING before you buy it. And if you don't want to belong to the 'fitness gadgets I don't really want club", then I suggest you buy things such as this off of eBay,, or in stores, if available.

Do you have a Bender Ball? Do you love it? Why? Do you hate it? Please share.

I want to know!!


carla said...

I know I need to work my blog more :)
how smart are YOU for linking to amazon...I.too.lazy.

and love the review.
Ive seen em.
Ive passed em by.
Now Ill try!

stop by today if you have a second and give yourself some love for getting BACK TO BLOGGING for us!

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