Wii Fit: The Series, Part V - An Ode from MizFit

Friday, June 13, 2008

I asked MizFit, who has been coveting my Wii Fit since I bought it, to write a post about her thoughts on the system and finish out this series with a BANG. She did NOT let me down.


Thoughts on the Wii Fit
by MizFit

I fought it. I scoffed
"Not a gamer" I'd say.
A Wii? What is that?
It would get in the way.

I'm too busy. Don't care.
Then I saw one: WHO KNEW?
That sh** was way cool.
Oh the things it could do!

But still I resisted.
Part money. Part time.
(I've got things to do
I've poems to rhyme!)

Then they launched the Wii Fit
And I knew. Twas for me.
I've got a small secret
One you can not see.

My balance? It sucks.
(and that's being kind)
I try doing yoga.
Then fall. Change my mind.

I'm their target market
(I love fitness and fun!)
I KNOW I'd do yoga
If I just had me one.

My balance? Perfection.
If it I just had.
(that BMI stuff? not sure.
makes me mad).

My birthday approaches
I shall gift to MYSELF
the present of balance
& (*eyeroll*) of HEALTH.

Copyright 2008, MizFit.


So that ends my series
On the way cool Wii Fit
And the reasons that all
Couch Potatoes should try it!

This is truly the end
I hope you enjoyed it
If so, go and buy one
And get one for MizFit!

(This series is not an advertisement, these views are the author's and the author is in no way connected to Nintendo.)


MizFit said...


MizFit said...

(linking you)

Fitarella said...


Anonymous said...

Very good! I love it!

Sandy C. said...

LOL! I love it :) I want one.

Anonymous said...

love the poem!!

Anonymous said...

We're saving up the money to get one!!!!!

rachel said...

Very creative. Wish I was that talented.

rachel said...

Rachel here again. Reread the whole series, I was late getting over here. Looks very cool especially for exercising with kids. I'm sure my boys would LOVE it. Thank you for really breaking the whole WII Fit down for me.

Anonymous said...

Love the poem, but not necessarily the Wii-fit. I'm a non techno gadget person, but I guess we can't all be the same.

Jenn said...

That was awesome. I want one, too.

Anonymous said...

Love the poem. Love the MizFit! :-) And LOVE the Wii. I mean really love it. It's the only place in the world I can score a TKO on my husband and everyone else in the family!

Don't have WiiFit YET...but getting it, eventually. I've heard it's phenomenal.


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