Wii Fit: The Series, Part III - Strength Training

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to Part III, Wii Fit Strength Training.

My 6-year-old son (with help from other family members) volunteered to model for this section. This is my son who eats like a bird, and probably needs a little bit of strength training before his 4-year-old sister beats him up!

The first thing we learned is that my son's Wii Fit age is 21! And my oldest daughter pointed out, "He can stay home by himself now!" We got a good laugh out of this. I actually wonder at the accuracy of the Wii Fit for children under a certain age - but it is still fun for family activities.

The first strength training exercise is Single Leg Extensions.

Here the trainer shows us how to do the exercise.

And here my children attempt to show us how its done.

And here is the trainer showing us the proper form of the DREADED Push-up and Side Plank Exercise. (I HATE THIS EXERCISE, I'm sure it works, but I HATE IT!)

Here is my son showing us the proper form for a push-up (isn't he cute?).

And here he is attempting to do the side plank. Not too bad!

Here our trusty trainer shows us how to do Torso Twists (MUCH EASIER THAN THE LAST EXERCISE, let me tell you!)

And here, my two oldest children do Torso Twists in sync. Now if I could just get them to stand this close to each other without fighting ALL THE TIME. :-)

Uh-oh, it's the dreaded AB exercises! Personally, I really like the Jack Knife. You lay on the floor with your heels on the Wii Balance Board. When the whistle blows, you make a V with your arms and legs and then you slowly bring yourself back down - as your feet touch the Wii Balance Board, it counts the rep. And because of the whistles, it keeps you from doing them too quickly, and helps you focus on the right muscles. It's a great exercise!!

Show them how it's done, son!

Here is another exercise I hate . . . LUNGES. My knees don't like them very much. But after walking through the Demo with the trainer, I've learned to do them correctly and I don't fall on the floor (very much).

Using the Wii Fit really is a family thing - here HunkaHubby (AKA WonderDad) shows my oldest the proper form for the lunges.

Here is the trainer example of the Rowing Squat.

And one . . .

And a two . . .

So there you have several examples of the Strength Exercises available on the Wii Fit.

Are you convinced?

Tune in tomorrow for Balance Games!

(This series is not an advertisement, these views are the author's and the author is in no way connected to Nintendo.)


Fitarella said...

Love love love these pictures of your kids doing the exercises. This is such a great tool to get fanilies working out together! My daughter is almost 4...is there anything on there activity-wise that you think she's be able to do?

IzzyBeth said...

My daugher is 4 - and she loves doing the Hula Hoop. There are also Balance Games (look for Part IV of the Series) that she could probably do. It just depends on how light she is. My son has trouble with a few things because he is so LIGHT! I think she would love it!

workout mommy said...

ok, that is just too cute!!! what great little fitness buddies you have there.

I've never seen this in action before, I might have to put this on the birthday list! :)

MizFit said...

showing my hubby this post---I think it mightcould suck him in!


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