Wii Fit: The Series, Part IV - Balance Games

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome to Part IV, Wii Fit Balance Games!

This section is also quite fun, even though some of the games are kind of frustrating, because I'm not as 'balanced' as I should be.

This is the Soccer Heading game. A team of Miis kick soccer balls at your HEAD and you try to hit them. The trick is shifting your weight quickly from one side to the other . . . AND dodging things that come toward you that AREN'T soccer balls (like soccer cleats, OUCH!)

One of the things I love about the Wii System in general, is how it is so personalized and you can make your Mii look just like you! You can create Miis for your entire family - and then whenever you play - you'll find 'audience members' you will probably recognize.

For example - this is my husband making a cameo as the soccer coach in the Soccer Heading Balance Game.

The next Wii Balance Game is the Ski Slalom. You have to shift your weight back and forth to go through the colored flags. (I'm not so good at this game yet.)

Here she goes - down the hill!

Here is my oldest daughter attempting to beat my score (won't take much!)

For the next game - it is very important to note this WARNING . . .

Even though your instinct would tell you to JUMP - please don't. I don't think the Wii would like you for it.

The reason for this warning? The Ski Jump!!

For this Balance game, you bend your knees and then when it comes time - you straighten your legs and HOLD STILL. The key to this game is your center of balance while going downhill, and then your stillness and balance while flying through the air. I've gotten pretty good at this one and no one has beaten my score.

There are several other balance games including walking a tightrope, floating your Mii in a Bubble through twists and turns (I STILL haven't gotten all the way through that one), a silly (the kids love it) penguin game that is actually quite difficult, and a table balancing game that reminds me of a certain scene in National Treasure 2. There are a few more I haven't unlocked yet.

I like the Balance Games because they are fun and a good way to wind down after exercising - or just for playing when you have some time to kill.

Stay tuned for the end of the series tomorrow with a special (and humorous) guest post!

(This series is not an advertisement, these views are the author's and the author is in no way connected to Nintendo.)


MizFit said...

I know these have been an effort---but I love em!


Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for posting this series. I have been debating the WiiFit - we've got one reserved, but I hadn't totally decided on spending the money on it yet - but after reading this, I am absolutely convinced. In fact, I cannot wait to get it.

Thanks a million!


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