Wii Fit: The Series, Part I - Yoga

Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to Part I of my impressions of the Wii Fit! I have to admit that the Yoga exercises are my favorite so far. They are not easy for me, by any means - but the frustrated dancer in me wants to work hard to get these right!

When you choose Yoga, you see the screen with the currently unlocked exercises. What I love about this - is with every exercise you choose, the Wii Fit tells you what muscles you will be working on and what each exercise is supposed to help you accomplish.

You also choose a trainer (either male or female) who walks you through each of the exercises. The best part about this entire system (for me) is focusing on your center of balance for each exercise. The goal is to keep the red dot within the larger yellow circle. When I'm focusing on this - I'm not focusing on the fact that I'm EXERCISING. LOL And it does a great job of making sure you are doing the exercises correctly.

My gorgeous Hunkahubby so nicely volunteered to model some of these exercises for us. :-)

Here he is demonstrating the 'half moon' pose.

The other great thing with the Wii Fit Yoga exercises are the breathing exercises. The large blue circle (shown in the picture) shrinks and grows to illustrate when to inhale and exhale. This was a big help to me, as I often FORGET TO BREATHE when I'm exercising.

This is the Warrior Pose. For this exercise, you try to keep the red bar in the center area, so that your weight is correctly distributed to both legs.

Here is MY Warrior. (I call this picture, 'Warrior Butt'. LOL)

This is the Tree Pose. I love this pose - but I'm not so good at it yet.

But Hunkahubby does it pretty well!!

Well - hopefully this small commentary and accompanying photos has helped some of you see what the Wii Fit - Yoga section has to offer. My body is still aching from early this afternoon, so I know it works for me!

What are your thoughts so far??

Tomorrow - aerobic exercises!

(This series is not an advertisement, these views are the author's and the author is in no way connected to Nintendo.)


Kelly T said...

thanks for the pics and stuff- i didnt know they even had yoga on it.

i look forward to more!

Mark Salinas said...

Nice addition to the fitness routine! Good post!

MizFit said...



tell yer man Im linking to it at some point when I get my sh**, errr, life organized.


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