Another Milestone Reached

Friday, June 6, 2008

I weighed in this morning. I got onto the Weight Watchers website and logged my weight and was greeted with this message:

(image from

Woohoo! 25 pounds. I was seriously prepared for just a maintenance week, so I was pleasantly surprised by the scales this morning!

I have been offically "on plan" for 14 weeks. So that's about 1.7 pounds lost per week. Which is just about right. :-)

Here is my cool little chart:

And since we're all about 'full disclosure' here . . . here is a list of my weight over those 14 weeks.
(images from

So because I've lost 25 pounds, I suppose it is time for a picture, which Hunkahubby hastily took with my iPhone this morning before I left for work.

Here I am - 25 lbs lighter! Still a long way to go - but I'm getting there!!

This week's goal - using my Wii Fit EVERY DAY!! What are your goals for this week?


MizFit said...


may I toss in my nonweight goals?

get to writing something Ive been putting off because I fear it wont be as fanTABulous on paper as it is in my head.

have a great weekend!


Kelly T said...

congrats!! thats so exciting!

Also, very jealous of your wiifit. what do you think of it? is it worth the investment?

Im a personal trainer (probably should introduce myself) and would love to write a review of it for my site. if its worth it, that is...

IzzyBeth said...

In answer to Kelly T - YES, I believe it is worth it, I am going to be posting more information about the Wii Fit over the next week. Stay Tuned!!!

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