Wii Fit: The Series, Part II - Aerobic Exercises

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to Part II - Wii Fit Aerobic Exercises!

The Aerobic Exercises are my second favorite section of the Wii Fit. My oldest daughter helped to model this section. This section includes Hula Hoops, Step Aerobics, and running (so far).

The first aerobic exercise is HULA HOOPS! You stand on the Wii Balance Board and move your hips around in a circle.

Then, you get a challenge - one of the 'helpers' off to the side throws another hula hoop to you and you have to shift your weight to one side to try and catch the hula hoop. The more hula hoops you catch, the more spins are counted and the more points you get.

Here, my daughter has caught several hula hoops and is BURNING IT UP on her score!

Here is an example of a Hula Hoop Score! You go girl!

I have unlocked the Advanced Hula Hoop - where you spin to the right for quite some time and then you spin to the left. It keeps track of how many spins you do on each side and also how steady you are in your waist circles. This one is KILLER. I get sweaty - but it is quite fun!

Another aerobic exercise is step aerobics. This is kind of like "Dance Dance Revolution" or games such as this, where you follow the arrows and feet while keeping to the beat of the music, stepping on and off the Balance Board. This one was confusing to me at first, so I just watched the other Miis (the Wii version of ourselves) and did a much better job. My children don't do so well with this game yet.

Here is a shot of the Miis from the front.

Here is what the screen looks like as you are trying to follow the steps.

I have unlocked the ADVANCED step aerobics and it is really fun. I also unlocked a 'free step' section where you can start it up and then change the channel to watch regular TV. The Wii Remote keeps the beat for you and the Wii Balance Board keeps track of how many steps you do. I did this yesterday and incorporated arm motions, etc. I did this for 15 minutes and my ARMS HURT. Just from doing that!!!

Another aerobic exercise is running. This does not use the balance board, but the remote works kind of like a pedometer. The more you do this, different distances and 'scenery' are unlocked. You have a PACE MII in front of you to help you keep a steady running pace. If you run too fast - you fall down, it's pretty funny.

There is also a 2 person run, where another person can grab a remote and run along with you. The kids usually complain about having to walk - but they LOVE running and trying to beat each other. (I just have to keep them from running into the TV when they get carried away.)

Also - as you run, a little bouncing head of your Mii helps you keep track of how much longer you have to run to get to the finish line.

Pretty cool stuff.

Tomorrow . . . Strength Training!

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