About Jen

Jen and Izzy have never actually met. They connected when Izzy taught Jen in an online speech class. They both bonded over their continual struggle with weight loss.

Izzy asked Jen to be a part of this blog as an extra PUSH for both of them in getting healthy.

Here is Jen's story:

I am a 37 year old woman. I have been married for 10 years to an amazing man, who would support me through anything. My weight gain started when I was 21 and got pregnant. I gained 100 lbs because I was a receptionist and the vendors would bring in everything from donuts to a lunch for me. :)


After I had my oldest, I didn't lose...I tried, but it didn't happen. At that point, I weighed about 250 pounds.

When we got married I weighed around 275. Three years later I had our second child and gained about 30 pounds for her. I never lost it.

Three years later..I had our third child..and only gained 15 for her.

Last but not least is the fourth [SURPRISE] baby.

For 3 out of the 4 pregnancies I had gestational diabeties. For 2 pregnancies, it was diet-controlled and the last pregnancy I had to have insulin...if that isn't enough motivation to lose weight, I am not sure what is! That was brutal! I had to check my sugar 5 times a day and do shots 3.

My dad passed away August 17, 2009 from a heart attack, he had type 1 diabeties... and I hadn't seen him in 9 years. I don't want to go the same route for myself and my family.

I have tried Alli, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, 6 Week Body Makeover, Optifast, you name it . . I probably tried it.

And one thing you absolutely need to know, I am a Biggest Loser FREAK! I have tried out for two seasons so far (if you have any questions about the casting process, just ask.) I don't want to be on it to make money or to play the game, I want to be on it because it works and gives you great resources for your life.   And admit it . . . who would NOT want Jillian or Bob beating up on them and helping them become a healthier person?

I've sent in several tapes, and no callback so far . . . but I've been inspired by those people on The Biggest Loser who have been able to do it AT HOME.  So right now, I walk, drink water, and try my best. That is all I can do right?

In the process I have found -- I deserve it!


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