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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I've been hearing more chatter lately about meal size and meal times. For example - I've heard it is better to eat a larger breakfast, a middle sized lunch, and a smaller dinner. (Of course, most people I know do exactly the opposite.)

I decided to look around this morning for some articles about meal sizes and times. I found some pretty interesting things.

First - this review of a diet book about 'eating dinner for breakfast'. This sounds pretty interesting. Have any of you read this book? It follows the large breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner principle.

This article is good as it shows what 300-400 calorie meals look like. Which is very helpful for people who are trying to be smart about their choices and it wakes them up to how many calories they have actually been eating per day. (Weight Watchers did that for me in a big way. When I calculated the number of POINTS I'd been eating per day, it was WAY more than I should have been eating. It makes it easier for me to make better choices now. Something that is a lot of points is really not worth it!)

Here are some random cool tools from CalorieKing.

And here is a great article about habits that prevent weight loss. Some really great tips here.

And then finally - this article about how to force your body to melt fat like butter. I've heard this before as well - that eating the same things at the same time every day will not help you lose weight. That you have to 'switch things up' to 'keep your body guessing.'

What I want to know from all of you is . . . what do YOU think? Have you heard of any studies about meal times and sizes? How do YOU eat your meals? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great Saturday!


Running Hoosier said...

I have heard, and read a little that eating a large breakfast was a key into losing weight.

Many people do not eat breakfast and this causes the body to not want to burn the fat.

One thing that really struck me and is now on my mind each morning is the word breakfast.. which as I read means to break the fast.

I have now committed each morning to break the fast and to do so in a large fashion.

Anonymous said...

i've heard of how people need to "change it up" a bit, and this is an interesting article that says your body learns to prepare for each meal, but i'm not sure i buy it. i eat the same thing at the same time every day (m-f), same breakfasts, lunches, snacks, different dinners, and i've managed to lose 48.5 pounds in 31 weeks. wonder what he'd have to say about that?

thanks for the other article about habits! it gives me a lot to think about!

Fi said...

I have read alot about only eating when you are hungry and then eating slowing but also eating whatever you feel like. This website has more info: http://www.beyondchocolate.co.uk/
it is based around 10 basic principles but I have never managed to stick to it!

MizFit said...

If Im longing for crap (read: fast food or junk food. yeah, I said it BUT we've already established Im the poster child for nada) I do it in the morning if I can as then I burn it all during the day merely by living.

beyond that I eat many minimeals and do the bulk of my starchycarbs before my last meal of the day (8p)


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I think it's important to learn to listen to your own body to find out what works for you--what gets you going in the morning and what keeps you going through the end of the evening (but lets you sleep when the time comes). I definitely do better making sure I include protein in my breakfast and lunch, but I don't necessarily need it (or as large a meal) at dinner when my body is winding down for the day.

The book Mindless Eating talks about studies of eating habits (such as eating on smaller plates) that can make or break us as we go about trying to be healthier. The book was really helpful for me.

Mark Salinas said...

Very good information. I have heard much chatter lately about the big breakfast plan also. I guess if I am going to eat allot the morning would be my first choice....work off those calories during the day.

Anonymous said...

Well, what has worked amazingly well for me is eating six small meals, evenly spaced throughout the day, and pretty much all the same size (breakfast lunch and dinner may be a bit larger and "snacks" a bit smaller though). It keeps my metabolism functioning constantly throughout the day and I am never, but never, hungry - except when it's actually time to eat.

Right now I'm trying an Ayurvedic experiment that is completely different but I'm not sure I'm going to love it so I won't even talk about it. The six small meals plan has been phenomenal though.

I totally agree with MizFit up there too. Keep the starchy carbs for early in the day, and preferably before exercise so you use them. And breakfast is absolutely critical, which is where I don't agree with the Ayurvedic approach.


Susan said...

Ultimately, the goal is to control (stabilize) your blood sugar throughout the day which in turn helps to control cravings and binge eating.

For me personally, what works best is 3 meals plus 1 - 2 snacks.

I know how many calories I can consume daily and based on my metabolism, the macro-nutrient breakdown I need to strive for within each meal.

I make certain to eat lean protein at every meal, in addition to vegetables and/or fruit. Grains are always whole grains (Ezekiel bread, quinoa, et al).

Snacks are around 100 - 200 calories and the remainder of each days calorie are equally dispersed amongst my other meals.

I'll also throw in a protein shake 30 minutes post workout.

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