Wii Fit: The Series, Introduction

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Well, I'm finally getting around to posting pictures and information about the Wii Fit. Each day this week I am going to focus on a different section of the Wii Fit and what it offers. My family so willingly (kind of) offered to test out different parts so that I could take their pictures. :-)

And before you think that I just sat on the couch and took pictures and did not take part in the Fitness myself - well you're WRONG. Saturday, I worked out for 45 minutes and today for 50. Which is UNHEARD OF, for me. I didn't want to stop, I was having so much fun. My heart rate was up, I was sweating, and I wasn't looking at the clock to see when I could finally be done.

I think the Wii Fit has its advantages and disadvantages - but for me, it is a perfect solution for someone who is trying to lose weight but does not enjoy working out in a gym with other sweaty people of different shapes and sizes. The Wii Fit also has charts and graphs and scores so you can compete against your family members and yourself. That is enough to keep the geek in me motivated - at least so far . . .

After you've set up your Wii Fit - you do a Body Test. This measures your center of balance which it explains is very important for good posture and getting the most from your workouts.

The Wii Balance Board weighs you, gives you your BMI and weight, (and very rudely tells you if you're overweight!) and after a few balance tests - tells you your 'Wii Fit age'.

This one wasn't too bad for me - as I will be 33 in December, so it is pretty close to right.

After all of this, you can choose to start doing different exercises. There are four different sections: Balance Games, Yoga, Strength Training, and Aerobic Exercises.

At the beginning, only certain exercises are unlocked - but the more you workout, the more exercises are unlocked, along with different levels of play or duration/reps per exercise. It is a great way to slowly get someone like me into an exercise routine without doing too much at once.

I look forward to showing you each of the four sections this week and hearing what your thoughts are on this system.

Tomorrow: Wii Fit Yoga!! Have a great evening!

(This series is not an advertisement, these views are the author's and the author is in no way connected to Nintendo.)


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