Day 14: 44-Day Challenge

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hello everyone!! Yesterday was an awesome day, for the most part.

I got up before 6 and Hunkahubby and I did a core workout with Maya. I was supposed to complete my Fitness Challenge yesterday, but decided to wait until today to do it.

I had my veggies, most all of my fruit, all of my water, did my workout, updated both of my blogs and spent time with the family.

I'm excited about starting a new habit of getting up early to work out.

Hunkahubby and I discussed having a few days a week where we vary the time. On Fridays, I only work a half day, so we will probably skip that morning and work out when I get home. On weekends, we won't have to get up as early. :-)

Yesterday, I read a great post by my favorite motivator and fitness guru, MizFit, about 6 ways to maximize your workout time.

The main points are:
  • Don't chat
  • Plan ahead
  • Change it up
  • Use proper form
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Visualization

But you must read the whole article for all the great information!

It's FRIDAY!!! Yahoo!!!


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