Weigh-in Day & Tuesday with Mary CHALLENGE

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today is weigh-in day.  And I'm dreading it.  Because the first half of the week was probably the worst I've had since my journey started.  The good thing is - I FINALLY kicked myself in the butt and I've stuck strictly to meal replacements for the past 3 days . . . the bad thing is - it probably won't show up on the scale until next week.

But this is why - on most every Tuesday - I meet with Mary before my meeting.  We talk about our weeks, different things that have worked, our lives, etc.  And she makes me feel better about myself before I have to face the scary scale.

So I will get to see her in a few hours - and I am glad.

ALSO - Mary challenged all of her FaceBook friends this week.  And I am going to share that challenge here with all of you!!

The challenge is:

Do 50 crunches every day for 30 days. 

I just started yesterday - and I knew I was out of practice, because halfway through - my abs were already aching.  (SAD!)

I used my balance ball for my crunches - but you can do yours however you want (except you CANNOT eat 50 potato chips and say you did 50 crunches!!)

So - go forth and conquer that scale or that road or whatever goal you are setting for yourself.

OH - and word has it on the street that we'll soon be getting an update from Jen . . .  STAY TUNED!


queen.meb said...

YAY!! 50 Crunches! but I love chips! lol, no no no.

JSCnossen said...

Okay..I have been lacking...50 a day? I have a ball that has been screaming at me anywho! why not...sign me up!

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