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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Congrats, Beth on your weight loss! Girl! it has been a CRaaazzzzyyy couple of weeks!

My deepest apologies! =)

Our 5-year old came down with the stomach flu about 2 weeks ago, Friday, then the following Monday our 8-year old came down with it! (I was a cheerleader when they would make it to the bathroom, there is a reason I am not a nurse!) So...needless to say between those two and the healthy two..I am below 300! Sad, I said it out loud. But I am! 298 actually.

Life has been so crazy lately, then to top it off I ordered 2 HUGE things of strawberries and 15# of asparagus. I must be insane. So Friday afternoon, after the kids are out of school...I will be making strawberry jam, freeze some and make strawberry shortcake! Yes, I am eating strawberry shortcake.

I figured something out the last couple of weeks....I am human! (who would have thunk it!) But, I make mistakes..I like food, thus the reason I am fat..okay, as the Dr says morbidly obese. But that just makes me feel like a beached whale, so I say we call it....a shrinking fat ball...just for humor sake. Life is too short. If I eat a small bit, I satisfy what I want and get what I crave and I won't fall off the wagon too much.

well...what have you learned the last few weeks?


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