What's it gonna take to change?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Every now and then . . . you have a wake up call that makes you go . . . okay - I have GOT to do something about my health. You would think I've had enough of them lately - but bad habits are so easy to fall back into. Admittedly - I did just that. I had lost almost 30 pounds and then just got stuck. I stayed at the same weight for so long . . . I gave up. BAD ME.

Then, I had to go back to the doctor . . . and my cholesterol hadn't changed from a year before. So I got put on cholesterol medicine. And my GERD had been acting up again, so I got back on medicine for that. I HATE being on medication. Did that wake me up? Nope. The M&M gods still called to me and won out over every thing else.

And then . . . my pants started to get tight again. Did that wake me up? A little bit - I tried eating better at least half of the time . . . but I still was not being a good girl. Not even close.

So what did it take?

Last Thursday morning, my SuperStepMommy called me from the hospital. My Daddy was having chest pain and they admitted him. Ends up - he had a mild heart attack, but it could have been much worse. He had 95% blockage in one of his arteries and 70% in another. They put in a medicated (or coated) stent to open up his artery. He was very lucky. It scared him. And me . . .

And that is what it took. I'm back on track - and I'm determined to stay there. So I can stay here . . . for my kids and my family. For my Dad.

(Yeah, he's silly . . .)

This week I'm focusing on keeping track of what I eat and drinking water. I also got back on the horse (or the Wii Fit) and did 30 minutes tonight. Why I ever stopped, I don't know. It is so much fun and it makes me sweat!

So here I go . . . back to my journey of change . . . with a new reason and a new goal . . . a new ME! :-)


carla said...

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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