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Friday, November 14, 2008

Due to my Dad's episodes this past week, I'm educating myself on eating diabetic friendly and heart healthy. It is difficult for people who eat out quite often to change their habits and start eating a healthier diet. I found a couple of really good websites that can help with this:

This link gives great tips on how to eat out and still make heart healthy choices. Here are some of their main tips (paraphrased) for eating out:

  • Study the menu and ASK how foods are prepared. Don't be afraid, it's your health!

  • Ask for substitutions, many times you can get margarine instead of butter or skim milk instead of whole. ASK!
  • Ask for salad dressings and sauces ON THE SIDE and order LIGHT when available.

  • Experiment with lemon juice or vinegar and oil instead of salad dressing.

  • Skip the mayo or get it on the side - use mustard or ketchup instead.

  • Ditch the french fries and dive into the veggies!
  • Get a veggie pizza with half the cheese and extra sauce.

  • Sometimes, plain is good . . . order a regular hamburger or broiled chicken and skip the toppings/sauces. Although it may bum you out in the beginning - it is better than the alternative, and you can grow to like it!

  • For dessert - try frozen yogurt, sherbet, jell-o or fresh fruit!

  • Try splitting your meal with your dining companion. Or ask for a box when you first get your meal so you can put half of it away for the next day. That way you aren't tempted to overeat.

And what about diabetic friendly foods? The Mayo Clinic site has some simple tips for eating healthy as a diabetic. Many of the tips are the same as eating heart healthy - don't be afraid to ask for substitutions, watch your portion sizes and get sauces/dressings on the side. The principles of diabetes nutrition are really quite simple:
  • Variety! Eat a variety of HEALTHY foods.

  • Limit fat and salt.

  • Watch portion sizes.
  • Eat at the same time every day.

  • You don't have to skip dessert! Just plan for it and keep track of your carbs!

  • Most important: Follow the guidelines given to you by your doctor!

It is all about making a change in your lifestyle and STICKING TO IT. We all CAN do this if we really try.

Be sure to check out the links above for more great information - and even if you don't have heart issues or diabetes - following these tips are good for all of us!!


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