Any ideas on how to deal with stress?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes, I am still here and still with you. I didn't do any "formal" workouts over the weekend - but I did a lot of cleaning, and a lot of pacing . . .

Over the past month my daughter was in the hospital with pneumonia, my Dad had a heart attack, and last night I had to take my hubby to the ER - they diagnosed him with Bell's Palsy. It is treatable and will hopefully get better really soon. But I am SO SICK of hospitals and the stress that comes with them!

So - what do you do to DE-stress? At this point in my life, it is impossible to AVOID it - but I have to learn to DEAL with it . . . WITHOUT turning to the refrigerator and it's trusty chocolate goodness. ;-)

I'm going to be looking for inspiration over the course of this week on dealing with stress - but I would love your input as well!!

Happy Monday!


Kristen said...

You have had an especially rough month. It is great that you aren't turning to food like you would have in the past. Several things that I try to do is:

1) Get some time for myself. Easier said than done. But even 10 minutes alone. I have to force myself to breath deep and relax.
2) Yoga. I have attended a yoga class on and off for the past year. It really does help.
3) Take things off of your activity list/to do list. I have had to start saying no more often and limit our activities. The kids are more relaxed.


Don Crane said...

decaf Earl Grey, with a piece of good cheese cake (Pumpkin is my preference), a great easy to read book and a fireplace.

carla said...


deeeeeeeep breathing.

stomp my feet :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, because I am pretty easily stressed out, I find something I like to do, like pictures. I'll go out and find something to take a picture of the brings me joy(no husband or kids allowed in the pics)other times, the absence of noise(nearly impossible) is just enough. Most of the time....tons of prayer helps. Singing softly to yourself is an option.When I'm so stressed I can't sleep, I will read a psalm. Just because I relate best to them. I will pick one short verse and sing it to myself, or say it over and over.
It's really important that you realize that You are not the one responsible for saving all. As a mom of course you are responsible to your kids, and a wife to your husband, but ultimately, God has you in the palm of his hand, and he keeps them their too. I hope your month gets better. Have a good day!

Kellie Gransbury said...

Wow! Sounds like you have a lot going on now. I can relate to some extent. My daughter just got out of the hosptial with bronchiolitis. My husband had three minor heart attacks back in the summer. I've found that often times simply a long conversation (about anything) with a close friend or family member helps me calm down and de-stress. Bluetooth headsets are a great invention! They allow you to talk while still having both hands free to get stuff done. If you can find the time yoga classes, pedicures, good books and nice long bubble baths can also help. Baking sometimes helps me de-stress as well but that can obviously lead to eating. Good luck!

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