Getting Motivated - YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

One of my favorite motivational bloggers posted some GREAT ideas on how to get motivated to work out and keep at it.

His tips included:

  • Work out at a consistent time every day. Many people say it takes at least 21 days (3 weeks) to form a habit. So get a calendar - decide on a time you will do this every day and start marking it off until it is second nature!!

  • The Power of Positive thinking . . . VISUALIZE yourself having an awesome workout - and then make that dream come true!

  • Uh-oh, have you been bad? Did you miss a workout? We teach our children that bad choices have consequences, so why don't our own? Create a punishment for yourself for when you miss a workout and find someone to hold you to it! For me, since my hubby does all the housework (Gosh, I love him) I would need to owe him by cooking dinner, doing dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. and I would ask him to hold me accountable - because if we don't follow through on our punishments then we won't learn!!

  • Having trouble getting started? Just tell yourself to do a few exercises and then you can quit if you want. I've noticed that once I start, I get more determined to finish at least 30 minutes - so JUST START. Stop making excuses! (Yes, I'm talking to myself here.)

  • Support is a huge thing on completing goals - so find a workout buddy or create an online blog and TELL PEOPLE your struggles and your successes. Putting yourself out there can be a great motivator, because you don't want to let your workout buddy (or the entire online community who just might be reading your blog) down.

  • JAM! Create a workout playlist and turn it UP!

  • Did you workouts all week? Reward yourself! (NOT WITH FOOD!) Rent a movie that YOU have always wanted to watch, take some time for yourself, play a game with the kids, etc.

  • KEEP TRACK OF EVERYTHING. I know that when I keep track of what I eat and how often I exercise, it is a great motivator. PLUS - you should keep track of your goals, your rewards for meeting them, and your punishments for when you don't!

Thank you Mark for those great tips! I'm getting it on this RIGHT NOW for myself!! How about you??

See Mark's entire post here:


MizFit said...

for me it is indeed all about the SAME TIME for the workouts every day.

made it much easier to build that habit.

happy weekend!!

Mark said...

Thanks for the shout out!

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