What I eat on a 'normal' day . . .

Saturday, July 19, 2008

. . . like there is any such thing as normal anymore.

Yesterday Susan at Catapult Fitness asked me what I was eating for breakfast. So I thought I'd give a run down of what I eat on a 'normal' day and see if you all have any better suggestions for me.

On weekdays, I almost always eat a Chocolate & Oats Fiber One Bar and one other thing for breakfast. Sometimes it is a Weight Watchers Chocolate Muffin, sometimes it is a piece of string cheese, sometimes it is a handful of almonds.

I try and drink at least 4 bottles of water a day.

For lunch - it's either Chicken Fajitas, a Roasted Chicken Sub, or a Weight Watchers or South Beach Diet Frozen Meal.

In the afternoon - I usually get the munchies and either eat raw veggies, fruit, string cheese, or almonds.

Many times, dinner is a salad with chicken on it. Also - there are a lot of times where I don't get to eat very much GREEN until dinner time.

I try and mix it up every now and then - but I'm still having "issues" and I'm not losing any weight.

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

But I know that what I eat affects how my family views food - so at least one of us has the right idea . . .

Happy Saturday!


Susan said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for the mention. I replied via email as I didn't want to take over the page (my email is somewhat on the looong side) :)

Once you read it, let me know if you have any questions!!


MizFit said...

off and running but happy to share my thoughts as well if you'd like---although from the sound of the comment above (waves to susan) youre covered!!!

Gayle said...

Susan and MizFit ~ I would love to hear your thoughts as my "diet" is quite similar!

Wengergal said...

Since I don't know what Susan & Mizfit said, I am going to give my thoughts. I really think you need to work on breakfast & get in more protein or at least mix it up some. (check my website for ideas for breakfast). Also, sodium could be a problem if you are eating frozen meals many days for lunch.
last but not least, I would just suggest trying to mix it up more. Your body could easily be stagnant because it knows what to expect.

Love you! You can do this! You have come so far.


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