Happy 4th - and Happy Loss!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day! Me? I'm looking forward to a continued life where I am NOT a slave to food. :-)

I weighed in. And I finally lost more than point something or other. I lost 2.8 pounds! This is awesome, because I've been at a stand still for an entire month. And I'm finally BELOW the 190s!!! I've lost a total of 28.2 pounds! (And I think I'm nearing the goal of weighing less than my husband . . .)

Here are my weights so far . . .

(image from http://www.weightwatchers.com)

What did I do differently? I stopped 'relaxing' my habits and got back down to business. I drank my water, I tracked my food, and I tried to get some sort of exercise every day. And obviously - it worked.

I am determined to be more vigilant, and not so relaxed with my habits so I can continue to go down and lose that next 25 lbs. I am declaring my independence from the emotional eating fat person within me! :-)

Have an awesome holiday everyone!!!


Wengergal said...

Doing the happy dance for you! I am happy for you! Keep it up!

MizFit said...

Im happy for you and also amazed by your chartmaking skillz.

I sucketh at that computer stuff.



JoLynn Braley from The Fit Shack said...

Hi, congratulations on your 2.8 pound loss and your total of 28.2 pounds, that's absolutely awesome!! :)

I totally agree with getting back to basics and just doing what you need to do - drinking at least 100oz of water every day, eating consciously (I stick to whole foods), and getting regular exercise. And you're so right - obviously it works.

Keep it up, you deserve to treat yourself like you would treat your loved ones. :) Happy 4th of July!!

IzzyBeth said...


I'm not that good at charts - I got it off the WW website. :-) I just forgot to credit it. I fixed it!

I could probably do my own chart in Excel, but why should I when it's already done for me?

Have a great day!

Lisa Newton said...

Great job.............:)

Keep up the good work.

Blaynexox said...

Hi! I just read through your entire blog :) Congratulations on such an inspiring weight loss! :) I loved all your posts - I too am always in search of the next healthy treat to snack on! I also just got a WiiFit yesterday and started a blog tonight if you want to go check it out! Good luck on your future weight loss!


workout mommy said...

HOORAY! That is awesome, congrats! :)

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