Progress and FOOD FIND!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm still plugging along. Still tracking my food and drinking my water.

Did Week One, Day One of the Push-Up Challenge. Managed to eek out 38 pushups! I was surprised. Hunkahubby did them with me, under MUCH duress.

I then decided to do about 100 crunches while I was in the zone. :-)

Also - I ordered some different healthy foods that I've been reading about and will post about each of them as they arrive and I've tried them.

My new favorite thing???? POPCHIPS!

If you haven't tried these . . . you NEED TO. I don't think anyone around my area has them yet . . . but THEY NEED TO get them. I bought mine from Amazon and got a box of different varieties. So far, I've tried the Parmesan Garlic (my favorite, but Hunkahubby likes them so much he won't share) and the Barbecue. BOTH are awesome.

What is the coolest thing about these chips? They are healthier than regular chips. They aren't fried and they aren't baked. They are 'popped' by some 'snack magic'. They are all natural. And honestly - I think they taste better than any other kind of chip I've ever had. Seriously.

The nutritional information isn't bad either - for the Parmesan Garlic chips (and you get 20 chips per serving!) - 120 calories, 4 g of fat (no saturated fat), 1 gram of fiber, and 2 grams of protein. WOOHOO!!!

I have 12 bags, but I might need to get some more and hand them out as gifts! Yay for the PopChips!!!

Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

mmm sounds good! i'll have to look for these!

MizFit said...

Ive heard great things about these too.

why did I think we couldnt get em anywhere but the UK?

thanks for the heads up!


Tara said...

you are doing pushups??? Wow I haven't even tried to do those yet.. I am scared lol Thanks for visiting my blog today :) Support is so important when losing weight.

Erin said...

This is Erin from popchips, thanks for the fantastic "shout out"!

Laura & MizFit, not sure where you are but in addition to you can find popchips in grocery stores in the Western US and Texas and we're now in Jamba Juice across the US. We currently have a special offer that you can download here:

Happy Snacking! -Erin

Mark Salinas said...

I might have to sneak a try!Thanks!

Wengergal said...

I am coming to taste your Popchips! I want to taste them. :-)

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