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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Plug pun not intended - but still funny . . . (and unfortunately true).

I got up early this morning and walked for 30 minutes before getting ready and going to work. It did help my energy level - but I'm crashing now! :-)

I've been doing well with breakfast and dinner eating - but lunch is the worst time of day for me right now. We're in the midst of a big project at work and by noon I am READY to get out and take a break - and unfortunately there are not a lot of healthy choices close by. I know I do better when I bring my lunch - but sometimes I just have no willpower to stay at the office and eat.

The next few months are going to be extremely busy - so maybe I'll be too busy to eat . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, SURE. Like that would EVER happen.

What do you do to curb snacking at work? I've tried to stock our breakroom with healthy snacks and plenty of bottled water. It helps - as long as we don't eat too much. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Happy Thursday (even though it's almost over!)


MizFit said...

it's that midday snacking that's rough here as well (working from home).
I think that's why I still have a daily diet soda (sigh) as once the healthy snacks are, well, snacked it gives me something to 'do' as I write.


Anonymous said...

Lots of fruit at work, cups of tea, low calorie hot chocolate.

Despite all that, sometimes I do get tempted but I try to plan healthy snacks / nut / fruit (fresh mainly), occasionally a small pot of dried apricots, as much as possible.

Mark Salinas said...

Almonds! :)

Susan said...

What are you eating for breakfast and are you eating a mid-morning snack? If so, what?


Anonymous said...

that midday hunger is inevitable if i haven't eaten enough protein or fiber at breakfast (which is often). so i am unfortunately a diet pepsi addict. it tastes so good-ly sweet though i know it is acidifying my insides and dissolving the enamel on my teeth (though i do use a bendy straw). but my cravings are curbed by radishes and cucumbers--crunchy, spicy and sweet--with just a dash of salt on top. or i'll have five walnuts and a piece or two of deli turkey meat.

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