The gain was inevitable - but it is ooookay

Friday, May 30, 2008

I was back up to 196 today. But after 4 days (Memorial Day weekend) of not tracking my food and the dreaded (but makes for a great excuse!) water weight gain, I wasn't surprised . . . and I'm determined to make up for it at the next weigh in.

As for the Wii Fit, I continue to be impressed by how it motivates me. It is so FUN I don't realize I'm exercising. I LOVE IT. Best money I've spent. (Yes MizFit, you NEED one.)

My two favorite activities (that I've unlocked so far . . .) are the step aerobics and the boxing. Both of these activities involve rhythm and music and I'm a frustrated dancer anyway.

My goal for this next week is to get up early every morning and use the Wii Fit. My problem this past week has been working it in whenever I have a few minutes and so the measurements have been all out of whack because I've done it at various times, instead of the same time every day. I have to start making this as much of a priority as watching what I eat. I also found this information about the best time of day to exercise, and I totally agree.

I also found an enlightening blog online about a guy who used the Wii Fit for several weeks before his wedding and journaled about his experience. The final report is here. Check it out.

Finally - I have another Healthy Food Find. I tried a different South Beach Wrap Kit.

The Southwestern Style Chicken Wrap Sandwich Kit is AWESOME. I like it almost as much as the Sesame Wrap Kit. And this one is good both warmed up or cold. I've become a salsa addict of late, so this feeds into that rather well. :-) This yummy meal has 240 Calories, 11 g of fat,
15 g of fiber, and 25 g of protein. (Quite a bit of sodium, so don't eat this every day!) Try it - you'll find it in the lunch meat section of the grocery.

Everyone have a GREAT weekend and keep on striving to be healthy!


carla said...

YOU keep at it as well.

I love your attitude (and must check out that wrap...I keep seeing em and not buying---yet :) my hubby will adore them)


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