Balancing Act Begins - Weigh in tonight - and a Jamie Oliver plug!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well - I am now sitting on my balance ball chair in the office.  It is going to take some getting used to.  AND I need a higher quality air pump so I can pump up the ball to its full capacity.  It is forcing me to sit up straight.  Which is good.  But it is different.  My rear is a tad sore - but I just shift my weight around or bounce up and down on the ball and I don't care!  It is kind of fun.

I'll keep you updated, and try and get some pictures soon.

Tonight is my first weigh in on my new program.  Wish me luck!  I did pretty well most days - but I had a few low willpower days.  But I'm still plugging away.  I will get there.  Taking it one day at a time.

Finally - I have a new hero. 

I have to admit that I had never heard of Jamie Oliver until the past month.  I was watching TV and saw an advertisement for his new TV show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution."  I recorded it and watched it.  And I watched it again.  And then I heard he was going to be on Oprah.  And I recorded and watched that as well.  And when I was struggling with a pizza craving, I sat down and watched him again.  He inspired me to leave the pizza alone and eat something healthy.

Here is a quick intro to his show:

I got so excited when I watched this. These days, everything has to be fast and convenient. Very few homes have the capability of one parent staying home to cook for the family and take the time to make it healthy - so everyone relies on quick, easy, and dare I say - FAST FOOD. Parents also rely on the schools to feed their children lunch, and sometimes even breakfast. But the schools are limited to the choices and regulations laid out by the government.

If we can change the way America thinks - maybe we can all get somewhere. We can all get healthier. Health insurance and healthcare prices will go down. Getting our food under control could solve a lot more problems than we are aware of.

So - if this excites you too - go to Jamie's site and sign the petition that you support his revolution!


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