Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well, sorry for the delay, my deepest sympathies! This past week wasn't THAT bad. I lost 3 lbs as well!!!! So, I am at a total of 9 lbs lost, in what over a month? Not too bad, NOT amazing or anything, but its better than gaining it.

I have one of my Biggest Loser peeps that I met who has a goal of losing 50 lbs by July 15th....so I figured, I would jump on board.

1. I have the weight to lose.
2. How else am I going to get determined to lose that fast!?
3. If I am going to do that...I should NOT be on Facebook so much!?

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have addictions....maybe too many. *sigh*

Well, here is to an amazing week and Izzy....take ONE day to have a high calorie day and get that fat burner worker. I think mine will be Sunday...easier that way.

Okay..well I am up and outta here!

What are you going to do today, for you?


IzzyBeth said...

I wish taking a nap burnt more calories . . .

JSCnossen said...

I agree.....it does... ;) lol..but not alot of nappies!

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