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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am so sorry for the lack of information! How dare I? :)

This past week was a lazy one. I have lost NOTHING. Go figure, though, I shall not complain. I'd rather do nothing than not gain! :-D See, I am easy to satisify.

I will say one thing. Rick, my dear hubby, and I are in a competition this week. 100 oz of water a day + steps. If we don't consume our 100 oz we subtract 1,000 steps. Intense, huh? So far..nah, I will keep it a secret.

Its interesting to say the least.

I am also entertaining the thought on joining Weight Watchers. Why? because I like the thought of them telling me I can have so many points and I can figure out from there on packages what I need to do. =)

Whew....yes, I am long winded. Have a splendid day ya'll and cheers! (with water, of course!)


IzzyBeth said...

YAY!!! :-) Great job!

And honestly, Jen - I think Weight Watchers is a great thing . . . do it with a buddy and keep updating for accountability purposes.

JSCnossen said...

I didn't sign up yet...I will let ya know, if/when I do! :)

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