Weigh-in tomorrow!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Well - after a week away - I am once again scrambling because of the weigh-in tomorrow. Ugh. I HAVE GOT TO get my mind SET and leave it there. If only I hated food . . .

So - I found this great link for low calorie, delicious foods and thought I would share!

The Diet Detective: Calorie Bargains to Help You Lose Weight Active.com

Stay tuned for updates!


Anonymous said...

You shouldnt wait until the day before you weigh in to focus on what you need to do. It has to be an all week process continuing through each week consistently if you want to see consistent results. Each day you should be pumped that its another day to work towards your health and weight management goals and now is the time to decide that you aren't going to waste another day!

~you know who

IzzyBeth said...

Hey! I know! This is IN THE PAST! New attitude. :-)

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