Friday, July 9, 2010

I was unable to weigh in this last week, because I had to pick up my son from camp.  So I'm working extra hard this week in hopes to show a big loss.  We will see . . .

I've put my Couch 2 5K program on hold because of this nasty humid weather.  My allergies are causing outside breathing to be not so fun . . . I can't wait until it starts cooling down again.  I still try and get in one run a week.

I'm working through 2 other programs too - one that I have done before.  But it is cool because they now have iPhone apps for these programs too!!!!

One Hundred Pushups
Where you work 3 times a week in intervals until you build up to being able to do 100 pushups without stopping.

The same people who did the One Hundred Pushups now are doing a few other things and one of them is:

200 Situps
You are actually doing "crunches" but it is the same concept where you build up to being able to do 200 crunches without stopping.

I did both programs last night . . . and I can't move very well today.  LOL  But I FEEL GOOD!!

What are you doing to step up your activity??


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