Walking Wednesday

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today I challenge everyone to walk a little farther than you normally would. Park out in the middle of nowhere at the store and "book it" to the door. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk around the neighborhood and wave to your neighbors. Do SOMETHING!!!

Yesterday I walked quite a bit more than normal. My boss and I walked to the nearby restaurant instead of driving for lunch (it was Mexican, we NEEDED the walk . . .). I walked to my friends house to give her something instead of driving. Later on that evening - we walked for over an hour. The weather was so beautiful, we didn't want to come inside!

So - today I hope you'll take my challenge to WALK WALK WALK!!!

Happy Wednesday . . . Friday is coming, so hang on!!!!


Jim said...

You said:

Great advice. Thanks.

Liz said...

Yes! I've started walking on my lunch break. So much less stress in the late afternoon!

carla said...

still walking?

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