Tuesdays Update on Move It Monday

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Workout Mommy is no longer my friend. Ha ha. Just kidding. But I seriously thought I was going to die . . .

Here is what I attempted last night

1. March or jog in place
2. 25 squats
3. Run up/down a flight of stairs 10 times.
4. 15 push ups
5. 25 lunges on right leg only
6. 15 push ups
7. 25 lunges on left leg only
8. 25 mountain climbers
9. 20 squat kicks
10. Breathe!
11. Finish off with 25 crunches, 2 sets

Here is what I did:

1. Marched around the room like an idiot while my cats looked at me like I was deranged
2. Did 2 squats and remembered how much I hated them - but finished all 25 anyway
3. Attempted to run up and down the stairs quietly (the kids were in bed) - and made it 3 times before my knees started screaming at me and I decided maybe it was a little too much too fast . .
4. I did my 15 pushups - and started sweating
5. I did 25 modified dance-type lunges on one leg - because my knee was really mad at me by this time and was not capable of doing real lunges
6. I thought about doing 15 more pushups - and then I thought - NAAAH - let's do more lunges on the other leg!
7. I did my 25 modified lunges on the other leg. (Modified means EASIER AND LESS PAINFUL!)
8. I did 25 mountain climbers - which are actually quite fun!
9. I did 20 squat kicks which were also pretty fun - but my husband started looking at me like I was nuts at this point.
10. I stopped to breathe and didn't get up.
11. I did my crunches before bed.
12. I spent the evening thinking of ways to get even with the woman whose words motivated me to almost kill myself with fitness . . .

Today - I'm sticking to walking!!! Happy Tuesday!!


MizFit said...

so glad you are BACKBACKBACK.

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